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Catholic Charismatic Renewal

It is a movement within the Catholic Church. Worship is characterized by Masses, as well as prayer meetings. This movement is based on the belief that certain gifts, bestowed by the Holy Spirit, such as the abilities to pray in tongues and to heal (which Christians generally believe existed in the early Church as described in the Bible) should still be practiced today.

  • Meeting: Every Sunday 9pm to 10pm
  • Contact: Benny Francis (coordinator) 92638145 and Joseph Anthony (asst. coordinator) 96529403

Couples for Christ

It is a movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life. The members have committed themselves to the Lord and to one another so that they may grow in maturity as men and women of God and fulfill their primary vocation of raising up families under the lordship of Jesus Christ and for the service of the Kingdom of God. Couples for Christ is a work of Christ which raises up Christian couples and establishes Christian families committed to total Human liberation. It grows mainly through the establishment of localized units in different parishes.

CFC began in 1981 in Manila when a local Christian community tried a new approach in evangelizing married couples. The method used consisted of bringing together a small group of prospective couples in a private home. There they were brought to a living relationship with Jesus Christ and to renewal in the power of the Holy Spirit through a series of weekly informal discussions of the gospel in a social environment. Soon, CFC became a Christian family life renewal program made available to parishes and groups of married couples who wished to live out their Christian life in an active supportive relationship with one another. Through the years, CFC has blossomed into a worldwide ministry, becoming a major force for the renewal of the Christian family life and also of the church.

It is God’s plan that the family be the basic unit of society. However, there are many forces in the world today that would, wittingly or unwittingly, destroy the very foundations of the family. CFC wants to rise in defense of the family, which is God’s work. CFC wants to bring God’s strength and light to those who are struggling to be truly Christian families in the modern world. Through the years, CFC has blossomed into a worldwide ministry, becoming a major force for the renewal of Christian family life and also of the church.

How does CFC intend to work for christian family renewal?

Individual renewal: Before one can consider the whole family, the husband and the wife first need to renew their commitment to God. CFC takes the basic message of Christianity and proclaims it anew so that those who hear it can make a renewed commitment to God in a way that will allow them to receive a fuller experience of the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Family renewal: As couples renew their commitment to God, they also renew their commitment to one another and to their Christian family life. Gradually, the new life that they find in the Lord filters down to all their family relationships.

Church renewal: As individual families are renewed, they form a network of equally committed families that not only support one another but also strengthen the Church of which they are members.

  • Meeting: Every Friday 1pm to 5pm in the Parish Hall
  • Contact: Arnold Sager Salcedo (Team Leader)

English Prayer Group

  • Meeting: Every Tuesday 8pm to 9.30pm
  • Contact: ????? (Coordinator) 1234567

Jesus Youth

It is an international catholic youth movement with a charismatic spirituality. It began in Kerala, India. It is an initiative of young people, who try to reach out to other young people in love and service, focused on a life centered on Jesus Christ, rooted in prayer, word of God, sacraments and fellowship. The name Jesus Youth is the formal title of the movement, without, however, excluding older members. (‘Statutes’; Jesus Youth)

  • Meeting: Every Friday 8am to 9.30am Hall N° 2
  • Contact: Shijo George (Coordinator) 95762153

Legion of Mary

It was founded in Dublin, Ireland on 7 September 1921. It is a lay catholic organization whose members are giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country. The object of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active cooperation in Mary’s and the Church’s work.

The unit of the Legion of Mary is called a praesidium, which holds a weekly meeting, where prayer is intermingled with reports and discussion. Persons who wish to join the Legion must apply for membership in a Praesidium.

The Legion sees as its priority the spiritual and social welfare of each individual. The members participate in the life of the parish through visitation of families, the sick, both in their homes and in hospitals and through collaboration in every apostolic and missionary undertaking sponsored by the parish. Every legionary is required to carry out a weekly apostolic work in the spirit of faith and in union with Mary. To be in the Legion of Mary, one must be a practicing Catholic. Active members serve God under the banner of Mary by practicing the Spiritual Works of Mercy. The main apostolate of the Legion consists in activities directed towards all men and women, young and old, rich and poor as well as people from the margins of society (homeless, prostitutes, prisoners etc.) and towards non-Catholics. The members of the Legion are primarily engaged in the performance of the Spiritual Works of Mercy rather than works of material aid (which are prohibited).

Malayalam Praesidium
  • Thomas Louis M (President) 92534690
  • Michael V. J (Vice-President) 99695107
  • Shinoy Sebastian (Secretary) 92867374
  • Sijo. C. O (Treasurer) 99608949
  • Meeting: Every Friday 8pm to 9.30pm in Hall N° 1
  • Contact: Shaji 92534690
Tamil Praesidium
  • Bro. Vinson (President) 95650845
  • Sr. Pauline (Vice-President) 92343235
  • Bro. Jerome (Secretary) 92899017
  • Bro. Jeybal (Treasurer) 99729375
  • Meeting: Every Friday 8pm to 9.30pm